SBJATC 153 The Electrical Apprenticeship
SBJATC 153 The Electrical Apprenticeship

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Up until this point, as a high schooler, you have been in school for about 10-12 years. That's a lot of exams, a lot of desk time, a lot lectures, and a lot of nights spent drowning in homework! And then there's pressure to spend four to six more years in school beyond that—except this time, you have to pay thousands of dollars for it. That means when you graduate, you will spend the first five to 10 years after graduation paying for your education. In other words, you will most likely start your post-graduate life and career, thousands of dollars in debt. And what if you don't even know what kind of field you want to pursue? That means you have to spend time dabbling in different career paths at an extremely high cost. The JATC apprenticeship program is designed with high school students in mind, specifically those who want to jump in and get their hands dirty.


In 2014-2015, the bill for a year at a public Indiana university averaged at $21,000. That translates into a total cost of $80,000 to obtain your Bachelor's degree. The JATC program covers your education costs and provides work for you so you get paid while earning an associate's degree. Oh and the classroom part? That's only two times a week. Throughout the five years of our apprenticeship program, you will earn $330,000 in wages and benefits, setting you way ahead of your peers. Not to mention, you will have a guaranteed job after the program's completion.


We believe in an interactive, hands-on approach to education. We think that people learn by doing, not by listening, so we've developed our curriculum to incorporate a lab-like atmosphere in the classroom and real-life experience outside of the classroom. We've structured group work into our classroom training, so for those who like to talk in class, this program could be for you! Beyond the classroom, you're working side by side with an experienced journeyman who is essentially your instructor out in the field. And while your instructor is teaching you, you're working. And while you're working, you're getting paid for it.


Because the JATC program doesn't charge tuition, your education doesn't cost anything. But all apprentices receive an associate's degree from Ivy Tech upon program completion. That means your degree is free. That also means that by pursuing an associate's degree, you will alleviate pressure from your parents to attend college. Additionally, it alleviates pressure off of you because if you find that it's not something that interests you after you've tried it, you haven't wasted thousands of dollars.
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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: What is the Starting Wage? A: The Beginning wage for a 1st year apprentice is based on the Inside Journeyman Scale as of June 1, 2023 is $15.80/hr.  Q: How old do I have to be to apply for the apprenticeship program? A: All applicants must be at least 17 at the time of the application. Proof of birth date will be required.
If you are ex military or just getting ready to transition out, we are here to help.  We accept the Post 911 GI bill. Depending on your experience we can offer either direct interview or direct entry.  Please contact us for more information.  Contact us at tdowdy@jatc153.

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