The South Bend & Vicinity Electrical Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee is seeking a Training Director for the SBJATC Apprenticeship Program in South Bend, IN.

The JATC provides apprenticeship training and continuing education for the electrical industry, specifically to members and contractors signatory to IBEW Local 153. The sponsoring organizations of the SBJATC are IBEW Local 153 and the Northern Indiana NECA Chapter Eastern Division.

The position of the Training Director is supervised by the South Bend & Vicinity Electrical Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee, which is made up of four (4) representatives from each of the sponsoring organizations. The SBJATC Trust is the employer of the Training Director.

The Training Director is responsible for the operations and management of the JATC’s standards and policies to advance the program in the industry. It is preferred that applicants be knowledgeable of DOL and Indiana/Michigan Labor and Industries Apprenticeship Standards and understand the importance of ERISA Trusts, applicable to jointly managed Trust funds. As a Trust Fund Administrator, the Training Director will be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of financial statements, annual audits, budgets, IRS required filings, investments and expenditures. Accurate monitoring, recording and reporting all activities of the local training trust funds is imperative.

The selection process will consist of an evaluation and interview of qualified candidates by the SBJATC Committee with a representative of the teaching staff and administration for input. Final decision making authority lies with the SBJATC Committee.

Applications will be accepted on or before July 7, 2019. Submit cover letter and resume detailing how you meet the minimum qualifications to:

SBJATC Committee
[email protected]

The SBJATC is seeking a qualified Training Director who has a strong work ethic and great communication and organizational skills. The Director should be a hands-on team player who is not afraid to challenge or be challenged for the betterment of our educational program. The individual needs to be a relationship-driven, honest, diplomatic, high performer with an educational emphasis. The Director needs to understand the importance of mentoring and teaching direct reports while maintaining a willingness to learn.

The ideal candidate is self-motivated and can bring positive energy to our team. The individual’s approach in asking questions will provide opportunities that will install growth while adding new skills and knowledge to others as well as improving existing processes. We firmly believe communication is a big part of our success.

The Training Director is responsible for the operations and management of the JATC’s standards and policies to advance the industry. The Training Director’s duties are assigned by the SBJATC and include but are not limited to the following responsibilities and qualifications.

Administrative Duties:

  • Supervise, monitor and communicate with SBJATC employees.
  • Provide for periodic review of policies and procedures and approved standards.
  • Implement and monitor disciplinary action for consistency.
  • Maintain communication with IBEW Local 153, NECA, Electrical Training Alliance, electrical contractors, journeyman level electricians, apprentices, applicants and state/national agencies as required.
  • Recommend changes to the committee for final approval before implementation.

IBEW-NECA Committee:

  • Attend all meetings as approved and required by the JATC.
  • Report on training and administrative matters to the JATC and Trustees.
  • Prepare all documents for committee meetings including agendas and minutes.
  • Maintain current record of JATC members and Board of Trustees.
  • Maintain equal communication with Business Manager and Chapter Manager.
  • Acquire completion certificates from the Indiana Department of Labor and the Alliance.
  • Attend training institutes, conferences and educational seminars as needed.
  • Partner with the SBJATC Board of Trustees to oversee program policies, financial responsibilities and apprentice disciplinary issues.
  • Facilitate monthly meetings with Trustees to review all financial activity, apprentice issues, apprentice uprates and polices.

Program Administration:

  • Recruit new staff as directed by the committee.
  • Organize and oversee all office functions.
  • Ensure availability and presence at the JATC office.
  • Maintain all required and approved insurance policies.
  • Organize and maintain data and paper filing systems.
  • Make recommendations for instructor selection to the committee.
  • Maintain the records of all applicants and selected apprentices.
  • Facilitate acquisition of all books, materials and training needs for apprentices, CW and journeymen training.
  • Coordinate with the Department of Labor to insure adherence to all State guidelines regarding Apprenticeship Standards.
  • Coordinate annual completion ceremony, final degree distribution and celebration.

Financial Management:

  • Arrange and maintain up-to-date policies for the JATC, including Fiduciary, Accident, General Liability, Bonding, Workers Compensation, Property, Auto and Directors and Officers Insurance.
  • Work with accountant/auditor in administrating and annual audits of the Trust funds.
  • Prepare a yearly budget to be approved by the Trustees.
  • Conduct all banking, including credit card management, bill approval, checks and transfers with oversight from the Trustees.

Apprenticeship Application & Selection Process:

  • Oversee all applications for apprenticeship as per the JATC policy.
  • Verify qualifications on applicants.
  • Advertise and disseminate information for the application window each year.
  • Schedule aptitude tests and interviews for applicants.
  • Create and maintain a current listing of ranked applicants on the eligibility list.
  • Arrange for registering new apprentices as directed by the JATC.
  • Schedule pre-employment testing as required.
  • Register all new apprentices with the State.
  • Conduct the orientation and registration process for all new apprentices.

Apprentice On-the-Job Training Assignments:

  • Maintain an out-of-work list for apprentices.
  • Maintain a list of contractor requests.
  • Assign apprentices to contractors and monitor progress.
  • Review and maintain each apprentice’s OJT training hours.
  • Counsel apprentices experiencing difficulties on a job assignment.
  • Obtain on-the-job evaluations of apprentices.
  • Investigate any problems between an apprentice, co-workers and/or the contractor and report to the Committee.
  • Investigate any report of discrimination or harassment and report to the Committee.
  • Assure compliance of all apprenticeship standards.

Apprentice Related Training:

  • Build a yearly school schedule for the JATC to approve.
  • Maintain all records of apprenticeship attendance and academic performance.
  • Arrange for instructor training and certification of instructors as needed.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of all apprenticeship and CW curriculum.
  • Investigate any classroom related complaints and report to the Committee.
  • Order all text books and related training materials as needed.
  • Oversee additional lab related training materials and supplies as needed.
  • Monitor instructor performance and consult with Committee as required.
  • Oversee scheduling classroom facilities and maintenance.
  • Substitute for instructors as necessary.
  • Obtain and maintain certification for craft certification purposes.

Journeyman Training:

  • Schedule and conduct ongoing CEU classes for journey-level workers.
  • Provide completion certifications as necessary.
  • Maintain records on journey-level workers taking classes for licensing renewals.
  • Arrange for any identified specialty training for works as directed by the JATC.
  • Obtain training aids and demonstration equipment as approved by the JATC.


  • Consideration will be given to all candidates, although having trade experience as either a journeyman electrician or an electrical contractor with experience working with a local JATC is preferred.
  • Proficient computer experience including online navigation, data entry and Microsoft Office required.
  • Valid Driver’s License required.
  • Excellent project management, writing and oral communication skills required.
  • Must be self-starter with strong time management skills.
  • Must possess the ability to present new recruiting concepts to executive leadership and technical communities.
  • Must possess the ability to handle sensitive and confidential information appropriately.
  • Must possess the ability to take on new responsibilities and challenges and concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Must possess the ability to lead, take charge and offer opinions and direction showing energy and leadership.
  • Must possess the ability to be open to change and flexible as circumstances evolve within the allowable limits of the policies in place.
  • Must possess the ability to multi-task.
  • The ability to follow and administer policies and standards and make decisions based on them is required.
  • The ability to travel as needed is required.
The Training Director position is a full time position that requires a flexible work schedule based on 40 plus hours per week and occasional weekends. Candidates must be willing to work evenings and some weekends. Salary will be determined according to qualifications.